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ADI Solutions Basic 3.0

ADI Solutions Basic 3.0

ADI Solutions Basic Publisher's Description

ADI Solutions is a complete management systems for non-perishable Vending items (ie. Pool Tables, Air and Water Machines, Pay-Phones virtually anything that will take currency or credit cards.  

  • ADI Solutions is based on ADO (Active Data Objects) to give fast data processing and retrieval.  
  • ADI Solutions is available as Client Server or PC based driven.

Features available in ADI Solutions are as follows:

  • Multi-Company capable
  • Multi-Districts within Company
    • Assign Routes within District
      • Assign Locations within Route
        • Assign PayStations within Location
  • Create Contracts for Company
  • Commissioning
    • Primary and Secondary Check
      • User-Definable Equations
    • Contract (Investors) Payments
      • User-Definable Equations
    • Management Fees
      • User-Definable Equations
    • Commission Averaging
      • User-Definable Equations
    • Collection Expense
      • User-Definable Equations
    • Invoicing Locations/PayStations
      • User-Definable Equations
  • Pre-Commission Reporting
    • Ability to create multiple formats
  • Check Printing
    • Multiple Checking Accounts
    • User-Definable Check Formats
    • Check Register Reconcile
  • Payables
    • Local Exchange Bills
    • Long Distance Bills
    • Refunds
    • User-Definable Expenses
    • Primary Commissions
    • Secondary Commissions
    • Contracts (Investor Returns)
  • Logon Security
    • Create User-Definable Profiles
    • Control Menus access (Full Access, Read Only, No Access)
    • Control Data Access at Company or District Levels.
  • Create Routes
    • Assign Default Collectors/Technicians
  • 70 User-Definable Transaction Types
  • Create Sales Tax Amounts
    • User-Definable Sales Tax Jurisdictions
    • User-Definable Tax Lables
    • Apply Tax Jurisdiction at location level
  • Define Local and Long Distance Carriers
  • Inventory
    • Track Inventory at the PayStation
    • Define Manufactures
    • Assign Parts to Manufactures
    • Multi-Warehouses
      • Define Part Locations
    • Track inventory that is in repair, Thrown Away, returned to stock.
  • Create Trouble Tickets
  • User-Definable Trouble Codes
    • Assign Inventory Part Pick List for Repair (Ability to Print Pick List on Trouble Ticket)
  • User-Definable Repair Codes
  • Create Quick Invoices
    • Assign Purchase Order Number
    • Place Parts on Invoice
    • Place Credit Debits toward Invoice
    • 30,60,90 day aging balances
  • Invoice Payments
    • Ability to handle over-payments or credits
    • Apply payment to Invoice
  • Invoice Aging Report
    • Show invoices due
    • show aging amounts 30,60,90 day
  • Create Sales Tax Amounts
    • User-Definable Sales Tax Amounts
  • Reports
    • Missing Data Reports
    • User-Definable Report
    • Month To Date Financials
    • Collection Schedules
    • Trouble Tickets
    • Invoices
    • Invoice Aging
  • Sequence Locations within Routes
  • Transaction Merge
  • Message Center
    • Send Message to One User or All Users
  • Context sensitive Help

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